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Level 11?

2007-11-25 03:32:15 by Vamped

Am I gonna make a bis fuss about 11?
Naaah, maybe 15, or I might fo wild and break the set and have it at 13, you never know.

Level 10!

2007-11-01 05:59:23 by Vamped

I got to level 10!
If I had voted on 5 submissions a day everyday since I signed up, who knows what level i would be, just look at my sign-up date!
Anyway, LEVEL 10! Yayz.

I am Alive!

2007-10-26 18:46:00 by Vamped

I am not dead!
As you can see, by my homework.
=] Not sure what else to put, was just bored of seeing the sad smile when I came on my Userpage =D