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Entry #1

I am Alive!

2007-10-26 18:46:00 by Vamped

I am not dead!
As you can see, by my homework.
=] Not sure what else to put, was just bored of seeing the sad smile when I came on my Userpage =D


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2007-10-30 06:31:10

lol homework sucks ogre balls good ur not dead....yet....lolz

Vamped responds:

That ogre has some good stuff sucking its balls!


2007-11-07 06:52:17

I don't hate school, I'm affraid of it. Every day, I hope that I did most of the home work. That there's no test today and shit like that. When the teacher yells my name, I get very scared and frightened. What will happen if I get a bad grade? Nothing, but I'd be depressed for no reason for one week then.