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Level 10!

2007-11-01 05:59:23 by Vamped

I got to level 10!
If I had voted on 5 submissions a day everyday since I signed up, who knows what level i would be, just look at my sign-up date!
Anyway, LEVEL 10! Yayz.


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2007-11-03 09:22:39

I'm level is that makes me 0.5 cooler than you

Vamped responds:

Aw =[


2007-11-07 06:50:18

Lol I was kidding lol

Vamped responds:

Well maybe I am 0.01 cooler than everyone because I am really Gandark but my name says Vamped, lol. Lol is funny, try saying it in an actual conversation. Then look at my flash and ask yourself, what happened to the portal? Even though the worst one has the best score and was submitted years ago when the portal would beat you up and steal your shorts. I guess this world has decided short stealing is no fun, I preferred it that way, didn't have stupid animators thinking they are good because it is on newgrounds, and they still had their nerdy shorts. Yup, I believe I am getting somewhere. Maybe I could start a political debate about something. Should check this for typos and such, proof read if you will, but first, you must calculate to 5 D.P. how off topic I went! Buahahaha!